ICMC 2020–2021 Round Two Results

Published on 19 April 2021

Round Two of the 4th ICMC was held on the 28th of February, 2021. Below are the final results. The tiebreak is displayed at the right, with the bounds being taken log base 2 and rounded to two decimal places, so there is some loss of accuracy.


Congratulations to the First, Second, and Third place winners! The tiebreak distinguished the second and third places, who both scored 30. The other top 15 contestants are awarded Distinctions, and all contestants who scored 10 in at least one problem are awarded Honourable Mentions. A Special Prize goes to the contestant who achieved the lowest bound in Problem 1 with a log of 896.


RankCIDNameP1P2P3P4Total% rankAwardP1 log_2(x)
1207471Ethan Tan10810735100.0%1st Place1000.16
2203974Hou Tin Chau10101003097.9%2nd Place974.68
3203987Jirayus Jinapong10101003095.8%3rd Place1014.00
4209347Glen Lim1001082893.8%Distinction1022.95
5206008Liam Hill1001022291.7%Distinction1022.84
6202992Yizhen Chen1001002089.6%Distinction1019.38
7=205938Charles Li1001002087.5%Distinction1023.00
7=208772Alexander Thomson1001002087.5%Distinction1023.00
9205518Guowen Zhang103051883.3%Distinction1023.00
10203163Dragos Crisan106101781.3%Distinction1023.00
11203408Daniel Dobak106001679.2%Distinction1019.36
12203730Balázs Tóth103001377.1%Distinction1022.81
13202673Daniel Bassett301001375.0%Distinction
14207064Andrew Roberts100021272.9%Distinction1014.00
15203899Rishit Dhoot100021270.8%Distinction1023.00
16207804Arthur Conmy100001068.8%HM & Special Prize896.00
17205606Oliver Hayman100001066.7%Hon. Mention1021.97
18207950Vincent Trieu100001064.6%Hon. Mention1022.00
19207875Mateo Rodríguez Polo100001062.5%Hon. Mention1022.22
20206082Patrick Nickols100001060.4%Hon. Mention1022.98
21204217Harry Wright100001058.3%Hon. Mention1023.00
22205925Ahmed Ittihad Hasib91001056.3%1023.00
23204392Matyas Parrag9000954.2%974.68
24202341William Wright9000952.1%1019.36
25206662Lukas Ertl8000850.0%1023.00
27=202266Mario Marcos Losada1301545.8%
27=209666Jonathan Lee4010545.8%
29=200404Martin von Hodenberg1010241.7%
29=209754Reuben Mason1001241.7%
32=200244Ollie Perrée1000135.4%
32=200882Joe Devine1000135.4%
32=201125Conor Doherty0010135.4%
37=201864Anubhab Ghosal0000025.0%
37=202181Michal Mraz0000025.0%
37=203411Joshua Bridges0000025.0%
37=204709Somsubhro Bagchi0000025.0%
37=206910Yaël Dillies0000025.0%

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