Becoming a partner university

At the Imperial College Mathematics Competition, we endeavour to allow as many university students as possible to take part in our Individual Competition. This is not possible without the help of mathematics societies/departments at other universities.

What does being a partner involve?

As a partner of the Competition, your biggest task is to arrange a venue at your university for Round One, which is held this year on Sunday 28 November, 10:00–13.00. This will include

But of course, to make your society members and your university's wider student community aware of the event, we hope you will also help us advertise the event, e.g. with posters, in newsletters and on social media.

What is the ICMC responsible for in this process?

The Competition's Committee at Imperial College London is responsible composing the contest paper, marking the solutions and sending out results.

We will transmit our contest paper to our partners in advance (the exact schedule will be communicated by email) along with instructions for invigilators. For UK universities, we would like to ask our partners to send to us their contestants' solutions, each stapled with a cover sheet, and we will pay for the postage incurred.

After marking is completed, we will also be happy to share the overall statistics and those specific to your institution.

What information do we need from our partners?

We will require a list of the details of participants that showed up to Round One. More information will be given closer to the date of the competition.

How does my mathematics society become a partner?

Please check your email to see if we have already sent you a partnership invitation. If ICMC has not contacted your mathematics society, please send us an email at expressing your interest to become a partner.

What about Round Two?

Partner universities have no responsibilities for Round Two. The 50 highest-scoring candidates across all universities will be invited to Imperial College London for this final round. We may be able to partially reimburse travel expenses and details will be announced to invitees in due course.

Round Two is currently scheduled to take place at 10:00–13:00, on the 27th of February. If you think the Round Two date might not work very well for your institution due to, for example, a major student event, please let us know!