Past papers

4th ICMC: 2020–2021 (Current)

Round Two (28 Feb 2021) Problems Solutions Results
Round One (20 Dec 2020) Problems Solutions Results

3rd ICMC: 2019–2020

Round Two (23 Feb 2020) Problems Solutions Results Stats
Round One (24 Nov 2019) Problems Solutions Stats

2nd ICMC: 2018–2019

Round Two (10 Mar 2019) Problems
Round One (24 Nov 2018) Problems

1st ICMC: 2017–2018

Due to a significant change of format implemented by the 2018–2019 committee, papers from 2017–2018 are not indicative of our currect paper structure, style and level of difficulty. We have decided not to publish past papers from this year.

Team Competition samples