Past papers

Event datePaperProblemsSolutionsResultsStatistics
25 Feb 20247.2
26 Nov 20237.1PDFPDFHTML
26 Feb 20236.2PDFPDFHTML
27 Nov 20226.1PDFPDFHTML
27 Feb 20225.2PDFPDFHTML
28 Nov 20215.1PDFPDFHTML
28 Feb 20214.2PDFPDFHTML
20 Dec 20204.1PDFPDFHTML
24 Nov 20193.1PDFPDFHTML
10 Mar 20192.2PDF
24 Nov 20182.1PDF

Team Competition samples

ICMC 6 Team Competition Problems

ICMC 6 Team Competition Solutions

ICMC 5 Team Competition Problems

ICMC 5 Team Competition Solutions

Shuttle (1 of 2 sets) (10 March 2019)

Crossnumber (10 March 2019)

1st ICMC (2017–2018)

Due to a significant change of format implemented by the 2nd ICMC committee, papers from the 1st ICMC are not indicative of our current paper structure, style and level of difficulty. We have decided not to publish past papers from the 1st ICMC.